Monday, January 27, 2014

A very cool tip on Powerpoint - set transparency for graphics

Many times when we prepare slides using power point, we'd be in need to place an image with transparency supported , mostly to make it go well with the background color. If the background color is white, we wouldn't be a problem even if the image did not support transparency.  But if the background color of the slide (PowerPoint) is not white, we cannot fit in the image that comes with a white big.  Often when we pick a graphic from the web, it comes like that. To correct this image's background, I would usually open Adobe photoshop CS2 and manually remove the white colors inside the image and make it transparent and save it as PNG file.  I've it pretty time consuming. Anyway the cool feature that comes with Office 2010, is "set transparent" for any color.

Shown below:

Happy powa pointing!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Some tips @ desktop

1.No big-shots on the lobby.  

Okay find the odd men out here from the list

Though I frequently use all these tools, I decided not to keep these odd heavy men!

What happens, when you mistakenly click on these icons (Photoshop, Android Studio, Visual Studio). It takes an eternity to get them closed. I always wished for a "cancel" option on the splash screens of the apps. The idea is just catching up. You could see this in MS Outlook email client. 

So the message is, "Don't keep bulky Apps shortcut on the taskbar no matter how frequently you use them."

2.Re-positioning the icons on Windows 8 home screen

3.Clean up the icons & have shortcuts 

4.Desktop Background - the one that tiers eyes

5.Monitor contrast.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

My bet on this horse seems to be working really well! Lumia 520 keeps it up!

This stat is taken from here as on 17/01/2014

Just compare it with the snap shot I took last year:

5 Ratings 1548 to 2752
2 Ratings 152 to 224

Cool cache of tech resources at Intel Noggin (

I could see a lot of good reads at 
Just register and get your own sample contents. You can even buy the books from there.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Lumia 520 starting make noise!

The real proof that a technology or a product is becoming successful is to see it in action with people around you. Windows Phone remained a buzz word for so many years now, It started to show up some seriousness after WP8 came into the picture. There were some serious marketing errors both from MS & Nokia trying to push WP7 Phones on par with Android and iOS. The costs of early Lumia 610, 710, 800 etc where really hostile. But things are starting to change after Nokia released low end Lumia devices like the 520s The true disciples of Nokia that had to go after the green robot once because of lack of quality options from nokia on the sub 10K level , are returning back! Now I'm seeing so many of my friends holding a Nokia 520! And I just wish Nokia/MS focus on the sub 10K model to slice a better share into the Smart Phone market share. Just some reference of Lumia 520 gaining popularity.


GSM Arena

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Yahoo eats up my todo lists

Weeks back there was a gossip - "Yahoo is taking over my favorite ToDo-er App, Astrid". I've been using Astrid for some months and I'm okay with it. I can't say it's the best App for a todo, but it looked better than the rest of the ToDo Apps in the marketplace.  The synching options with Gtasks and a bunch of useful  settings impresses me a bit.  

My several months of Astrid usage left me with a long streak of To-Do items. As I AM always for a “good” procrastination, the list gets usually long even with a couple of weeks usage. When I heard Yahoo is taking over this App, I didn't bother much as the companies keep eating up companies for centuries. Did we bother when Microsoft took over Hotmail? Or did we bother when Microsoft took over Skype? All that changes were only for good, mostly! The taken over App would let you sign in with your live account! No disturbances usually. 

But the message I'm getting on my Astrid App is very disappointing. It asks me to take backup and forget using this App deliberately.

Is Yahoo really sane? Why would it pay so much money to buy a massive bunch of curses? Yup Astrid boasts a massive user base and that's the primary reason how Yahoo sniffed it out. May be Yahoo has a lot of good intention to add more features and paint it Magenta but this disgraceful switch over is a real turn off and I would jump to another pond of todo-ers.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Release file handles in Windows

It's really sad if the message box like says "Error Deleting File . "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process".  This doesn't let us know which is the "Another process". We might have opened dozens of Applications to work on a file., It's really difficult to spot the process the message box is talking about.

To solve this , yes we can dig deep and release the handles by ourselves. If you want to know how release file handles, try sysinteranls tool - process explorer !